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OneNote Desktop √

Export (or Send) a note in .pdf format is straightforward :

  • File/Export/PDF (*.pdf)
  • File/Send/Send as PDF


Removing the footnote in the resulting .pdf is not obvious although !

The turnaround consists in File/Print/Print Preview, then select the option that suits your mood. Then, even if you don’t print, OneNote will memorize your setting for the next export or send.



Moreover, if you haven’t defined a page size (the so called “automatic” size, which is set by default), you may have trouble when exporting or sending a note as PDF :

My original note…


The resulting PDF with the right part of my note cut : portrait’ format is clearly not appropriate !


In this case, select Landscape format with File/Print, and choose the Microsoft Print to PDF printer !

There aren’t as many options as in Word, where you can select the scale, print several pages with fixed height or width… but this may help nevertheless !

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