Quick notes

There are many ways to create quick Notes:

  • Send to the OneNote tools, in the taskbar
  • WIN ALT N (shortened equivalent keyboard)
  • Note in the Notification Center button

are many ways to create a note, without being in OneNote.

By the multiplicity of means of access, we understand that Microsoft wants to make “great” OneNote.

Unfortunately, find his notes, to understand the special nature of the “Notes” section, and make the distinction between Office OneNote and OneNote universal

1. “Quick notes”: a special section…

When the first Office OneNote, a single notebook exists, with a single section called “Quick Notes” by default. So, it’s pretty easy to navigate!

Subsequently, the number of block-note increasing, it is also clearer about where the “Notes” section.

Also, to access quickly, the button of shortens “Quick Notes” all at the bottom of the navigation bar becomes useful:

Navigation page2.png
“Quick Notes” button in the navigation pane.

Finally, note that the “Notes” section, may, like any other section, be renamed:

In this case, WIN ALT N re – create a “Quick Note” section in the same notebook, first creating Quick Note.

There is a way to force OneNote to send Notes in the section of your choice:

redirect notes rapides.png
Specify the destination of the Quick Note, by selecting a section in file/Options/Save and save

2. “Quick notes”: who has the that of ubiquity!

But where it gets complicated, it’s that OneNote universal access to its own configuration!

Let’s say you have a notebook in OneNote universal, that is not the same as one of those open in OneNote Office:

If you press the “Memo” button in the notification area, OneNote you will select this notebook as a destination of Quick Notes, and will create a new “Quick Note” section: you will find you with 2 “Side Notes”!

In summary, depending on the method used, a quick note will go in either of the sections:

Notification.png Center
2 so close buttons: 2 different destinations for your “Quick Notes”!

And it’s not over:

  • If you install OneNote on your mobile phone, you can also select a notebook when first creating quick note on this unit: so there is a good chance that you select a third!

In conclusion, I recommend to have a “Notes” section, to retain the title, and to ensure the notebook that contains open on all its devices (Tablet, mobile phone…), and versions of OneNote (universal and office): This avoids confusion.

Update 10/6/2017: interesting article on Supersite Windows: gives me some ideas to improve my practice!

  • Open universal OneNote, choose Notepad which will host your Quick Notes (you can not select a section in particular, so it will create a called “Quick Notes”)
  • Open OneNote Office. Make sure that the same notebook is open, and select the “Quick Notes” section in file/Options/Save and save
  • repeat it on other devices (computers, Tablet and smartphone)
  • you will get a single place for all your “Quick Notes”, whatever the device from which you will build them.

Last update 13/6/2017: this workflow is described here, now. It seems that we had the same idea at roughly the same time!

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