Day 1 – editing

DAY 1 : Opening my professional notebook into OneNote for W10 : LETS GO !

Most of the time, I work on a custom template, which helps me keep track of activities, and tasks to be completed.
This template is designed to be used with typed text (keyboard) primarily.

Good point : Templates created in OneNote desktop are carried over in the App version, so each new page I insert automatically comes with the template I created for my daily journaling.

I use to write the initials of the person in charge of an action, next to a short description of the action, and its due date. If it’s important, I highlight in yellow, if it’s critical, I highlight in red, and when it’s done, I « check » the initials and highlight in Green.

Disappointment : with typed text, you can only highlight in yellow !!!

I thought I could use the « other » highlighter (in the Draw tab), but nope : it does not work with the mouse (OneNote desktop offers more flexibility for that matter)

A workaround consists in copying the formatting (with the format painter), but that’s less than ideal…

In order to get the actions / initials of the person in charge / due date well aligned, I use a table with 3 columns (this is intended to work with keyboard / typed text : pressing TAB moves to the next column so things stay aligned easily, which visually helps the follow-up). When I’m done, I hide the borders of the table.

Missing feature : the Table menu don’t offer this option in OneNote for W10 (although Table Shading exists since October 2016)

That’s it for today. But make sure to come back tomorrow for more.

LIRE AUSSI  Day 2 - navigating


Update June 3rd : I later discovered that Tables can’t be inserted within a Table : it’s a pity because I use this feature all the time !

Update August 11th : there is a solution to highlight in green : use Ctrl + 5 shortcut. Thanks to OneNoteCentral for this workaround ! By the way Ctrl 4 highlight in yellow.

Update August 20th : starting with version 17.8471, more highlighing colours are available.

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