New blog hosted in Azure

Since I was awarded OneNote MVP, and got credited with a subscription to Azure, I was eager to make use of it, to discover it’s power.

Also, I was willing to upgrade my blog, to offer a better experience to my visitors, and ease the switch between articles in English and article in French.

Combining both resulted in hosting my former in Azure, with a custom domain name, which I proudly introduce to you today !

Since I am neither an IT guy, nor a webmaster, I was a bit overwelmed at first. But setting a WordPress Web App in Azure was the easy part, really.

All you have to do, is click on +New, and search for WordPress in the Search field

Azure handles everything smoothly, and creates automatically a database with the relevant directories  and their files, even if you have no knowledge at all.

Actually, the trickiest part was to set the bilingual environnement (thanks to Lingotek/Polylang plugin), and make the association between past post in English with past post in French without messing around.

But the technical hurdle being overcome, it’s time to enjoy !

Thanks for reading, and feel free to share your own experience.


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